Group Therapy

Here at Gateway Family Therapy Services, we love groups!  We have seen first hand how beneficial groups are, and how groups members can help change eachother’s lives. Group therapy can help with a variety of issues, and can often-times be more powerful and life-changing than just individual work. The sense of belongingness, the connections you make with others who have a shared experience, and the support you give to and get from the group members can truly be inspiring.

Group Therapy Online 

Our groups are offered online and in-person. While it may seem odd to attend a group online, it is very similar to virtual meetings. It also gives you access to group without leaving your home and within the limits of your schedule. If you already use Zoom or another online platform to do work-related meetings, online group therapy may be more comfortable for you. All you need to attend an online group is either your phone, or a computer with a microphone and camera. Gateway Family Therapy Services provides our groups via zoom and we make it as easy as possible  for you to join and feel comfortable. Our in-person groups will be at our Benton location. 

Group Therapy VS Individual Therapy

If you’ve landed here, you’re already interested in doing group therapy or attending a support group. However, there are actually many benefits to doing group therapy as opposed to individual therapy or in conjuction with. Check out our chart below to compare group counseling versus individual therapy.

Benefits of Individual Therapy:

  • ​You learn how to understand and cope with emotions

  • Helps to manage troublesome symptoms

  • Receiving one-on-one attention from your therapist

  • Develops a strong alliance between yourself and your therapist

  • Can dive deep into what is going on with you

  • Best if you have severe social anxiety or extreme trauma

Benefits of group Therapy:

  • Develops a built-in support system

  • Is cheaper than individual therapy

  • Helps you feel less alone as you discover others with similar struggles

  • You learn to relate to people in a healthy way

  • Provides a safe place to be open and vulnerable

  • Offers accountability to the group to reach your goals

  • Exposes you to different perspectives on your situation

Loving Me After Losing Us

This 8 week curriculum will focus on grieving the many losses associated with the end of relationships; including the parts of you lost along the way. This group will spend 8 weeks focusing on healing pain and loving self.

Thursdays | 6PM/ In-Person

Women Who Lead Support Group

This group is designed for high-achieving women who believe hyper-achieving has helped them succeed professionally but has hurt them relationally. This group will help women shift their hyper-indepenence to interdependence.

Fridays | 12PM / Online

We Can Heal Too

A trauma informed support group for black women. This group goes deep into the many traumas we endure as block women, the behavior we take on as a result of those and what healing looks like for us. This group will provide a safe environment to heal amongst those that look like you and has hurt like you.

Mondays 5:30PM/ In-Person

Relationally Healthy

This group is for individuals who want to explore what it really means to relate healthily. This group will focus on improving your relationship with all parts of yourself and with others. You will learn how to give and receive trust, and learn the importance of healthy boundaries with others and yourself.

Tuesdays | 12PM/ online

FAQs about Group Therapy:

Who will be in my group?

We carefully screen each potential group member, including you, to make sure that everyone in the group is the right fit for the group. This is done through an initial Group Screening/Intake appointment that you’ll set up with our scheduling coordinator, between yourself and the group facilitator. All of our groups are geared towards a particular topic(s) or category of person, so we make sure up front that you’re in the right group for you.

Will I have to talk?

Part of the expectation of being a group member is participation, in whatever manner fits you best. However, the group facilitator will help create a safe and supportive group environment where you feel comfortable participating so you can get the most out of your group experience.

Is group counseling confidential?

Absolutely. At the start of each group, we discuss “group rules” that all group members agree to abide by. One of those rules is confidentiality, and that everything talked about in the group, stays in the group. Group members who do not follow these rules may be asked to leave.

How much does group therapy cost?

Groups are between $40-$60 per group session. There is also an initial Group Screening/Intake appointment so you can get to know your group facilitator and we can make sure you’re in the right group. Some of our groups are 8-10 sessions long, and some are open-ended, meaning that you can stay for longer than 8 sessions.  Research shows that a minimum of 8 sessions is the ideal length of time for you to get benefits from group therapy.

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